Kobayashi/Gray Duo
Violin, Piano Duo
Grande Sonata, Op.8, in G minor, pour Violon et Piano
Label: Hildegard Publishing Company
Released: February 2, 1998
Catalog Num: 494-02580

The Kobayashi/Gray Duo created this modern edition of Grande Sonate, Op. 8 for Violin and Piano by Marie Grandval (1830-1907) through the Hildegard Publishing Company (Theodore Presser). It is based on a Lemoine edition of the sonata found in the Women Composers Collection in the University of Michigan Library in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The dates of neither the composition nor the Lemoine publication are known. A combination of Chopinesque piano virtuosity with operatic lyricism and drama characterizes this work. ‚Äč

Biography of Composer: 
Marie Grandval (1830-1907) studied composition with Camille Saint-Saëns and piano with Chopin. In 1890, she received the prestigious Prix Chartier for chamber music from the Paris Conservatoire. Her instrumental chamber works include duos with piano for flute, violin, cello, English horn, oboe, and clarinet, and various trios. She composed songs, several successfully-premiered operas, choral works, symphonies and symphonic works, and many transcriptions of her own works for one piano, four-hands and two pianos. The Grande Sonate, Op. 8 for Violin and Piano seems to be an early work, according to the opus number, but the dates of neither the composition nor the publication are known. 

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